Monday, October 21, 2013

Sticky Situation

My first idea for this project was honeycombs since they have honey and they repeat themselves over and over. I wanted to do something a little more challenging, so I decided to use my flute (To make the process go faster, I used my own flute as a reference). When playing, they eventually get sticky pads underneath the keys, and it can mess up the instrument. I tried to think outside of the box for this project.I incorporated repetition by having repeating music notes in the background. I used acrylic paint, and found it extremely difficult to blend all the grays together. I found it very easy to make the background blend from purple to pink. The mini lessons throughout the painting unit helped a lot. It showed me the different techniques I could use for my project. Even though I didn't use most of the techniques, they were there for me to consider.

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