Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ceramics Project

For this project, the medium I used was white clay. The height of my ceramic piece was 3 inches while the width was 7.5 inches. The design element that was stressed during this art project was form. We had to choose between a hump or slump mold. I used a hump shape mold. In order to do this, I used a slab roller to flatten the clay and then I cut out my design. After I cut out my design I draped it over the hump shape mold. My piece was created in order to hold other items. I created a design for my bowl by cutting out various patterns in paper and then used the paper  design to cut out the shape of my bowl. I also have a radial design, but it is on the bottom of my ceramic piece. During this project, I learned about radial designs, glazing, and the different stages of clay (plastic, leather hard, bone dry, bisqueware, and glazed). If I were to repeat this project, I wouldn't have painted on the red slip, as it didn't show through that well on my ceramics piece.

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